Computer TaskForce

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We are Computer TaskForce Inc. - providers of technology services since 1987.  We design and develop applications on a large variety of platforms from laptops to servers.   

We are a full service IT technology firm offering the following services:

Custom Software Design and Development

Making the decision to develop a custom application for your specifics needs can be daunting.  We can show you how to do it the right way,  based on a comprehensive needs and cost benefit analysis.

Remote Application Services

    With a remote application server, your applications are hosted on our servers. 
  • We back them up
  • Manage the users
  • Manage the licenses
  • You and your employees are able to work from
  • Any office (anyplace the internet is available)
    • The airport
    • Home
  • Your data is secure. It always resides on our remote servers.

    Have a laptop lost or stolen?  No problem, all the data resides on the remote sever

    Works with any Windows application

    Don't buy the hardware and software.  Rent access from us.